CCF Baltija started its business in 2008. Initially, the company was engaged in wholesale. Often our products could be seen on the shelves of large retail chains. In 2020, we decided to open a specialized online store for coffee and related products. Thanks to international relations and impeccable reputation, as well as good relations with manufacturers, CCF Baltija can offer you a wide range, the highest quality coffee assortment.

Why buy from us?


CCF Baltija is one of the largest wholesale companies in Latvia, a large assortment of fresh goods is always available in our warehouse.


Our experts will help you choose the right type of coffee: everyday, team in the office, business in a cafe or restaurant, as a gift to a relative - we will help to choose.


We can offer you the best price because we are direct importers.


Fast delivery in all Baltic countries, by courier or parcel post.

Discounts and promotions

Where without them? :)

The state trusts us

CCF Baltija is VID participant in the enhanced cooperation program. By subscribing to our profile on social networks Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to take part in frequent events with valuable prizes, learn something new about coffee, our publications as well as promotions and discounts in our online store.

How to order?

Make a order:

using the basket - click the "add to cart" button to your chosen product and follow the instructions or write an e-mail to jurijs@ccfbaltija.com

Order confirmation:

If you place an order and choose to pay by bank transfer - You will receive a prepaid invoice by e-mail confirming your order:

If you place an order with payment online, then after successful payment, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail:

If you place an order via email, then you will receive a reply from the e-mail jurijs@ccfbaltija.com:


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